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How to celebrate grads despite unique circumstances

The end of a school year has traditionally been a time of celebration. Students may celebrate because summer vacation has arrived, and...

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Great gifts for today’s grads

By the time students reach graduation day, many have taken hundreds of tests, written scores of essays, worked through thousands of...

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Diploma display ideas

Graduation day is one of the proudest moments in students' academic careers. Diplomas are symbolic of hours spent honing skills and working...

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What’s the difference between valedictorians and salutatorians?

Being named a valedictorian or salutatorian is a significant achievement. Some students may not fully understand what these titles...

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Is now the time for a gap year?

Uncertainty has reigned over many students for the last year-plus. As the COVID-19 virus spread across the globe, schools were forced to...

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Popular graduation traditions

Graduation is steeped in tradition. Come the day of graduation, many grads-to-be might be focusing on receiving their diplomas and then...

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