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Living 50 Plus

How to build friendships in your golden years

Making friends as a child or even as a parent to school-aged children is relatively easy. Classrooms and school functions facilitate the...

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6 tips for seniors to travel safely

One of the perks of getting older is having more time to devote to recreation and traveling. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are...

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How seniors can approach exercise

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. By making exercise part of their day-to-day routines, people of all ages, including...

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How often to see the doctor

Routine health checkups are a key part of staying healthy. Older adults may feel like they're always visiting one doctor or another. But...

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Senior communities offering lifestyles

Living life to the fullest does not need to stop when adults near or reach retirement age. Age-restricted housing communities once bore the...

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Nursing home care and the ‘look-back period’

Health care plans provide access to medical care and other necessities and reduce out-of-pocket health-related expenses. Each plan is...

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