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DRIVE Into Spring

The top distractions behind the wheel

Did you know that a vehicle driven at 55 miles per hour or faster can traverse the length of an entire football field in a matter of...

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The importance of enrolling teens in driving school

As teenagers eagerly await the arrival of the birthday that makes them eligible to get their drivers' licenses, they may be anticipating...

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Vehicle maintenance tasks drivers don’t want to overlook

Savvy drivers recognize that maintenance is essential to keeping their vehicles running strong for years on end. Such maintenance ensures...

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When should you replace rotors and brake pads?

The ability to accelerate and steer freely is vital to vehicle performance. Equally crucial is being able to stop the car to avoid...

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What are certified preowned vehicles?

The days when buying a used car was akin to a game of chance are largely a relic of the past. Though it's still possible that used car...

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How to sell a car quickly

Used cars have become much more popular thanks to the affordability and reliability of certified-preowned vehicles. According to the...

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