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Valentine's Day

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Chocolate ganache is simpler to make than you think

Chocolate lovers rejoice come Valentine's Day. Come February, it seems everywhere you look there are rich, chocolately treats just waiting...

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Offer kisses in the form of a scrumptious dessert

Hugs and kisses are a large part of Valentine's Day celebrations. While physical affection can help express loving sentiments, symbolic...

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The story of Cupid

What would Valentine's Day be without images of a golden-tressed boy armed with bow and arrows? The arrows represent feelings of love and...

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Flowers and their various meanings

Flowers can represent various emotions. Flowers play a prominent role in many and holidays, perhaps none more than Valentine's...

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Origins of the heart-shaped chocolate box

Hearts abound on February 14, and few symbols (and gifts) are more widely associated with a holiday than heart-shaped boxes of chocolate...

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys

A holiday devoted to love and affection is nestled in the middle of the chilly days of February. Valentine's Day is a big day for...

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