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Emergency Preparedness & Response

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8 steps for a successful evacuation plan

No one wants to envision a catastrophic event suddenly wreaking havoc on their home or business. While the thought may be unpleasant, it is...

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Don’t miss a beat during a power outage

Short-term power outages can be a minor inconvenience. A long-term power outage can cause a major disruption to daily life. The U.S. Energy...

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Stock up on vehicle breakdown supplies

Unforeseen situations can crop up at any time. Anyone who has had a roadside breakdown in their car understands this. A flat tire or an...

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Learn more about the effects of pandemics

Much of the globe was introduced to an assortment of new terms throughout 2020. Phrases like "social distancing" or "flatten the curve"...

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What to do after your home is damaged by fire

The notion that their homes could be damaged if not destroyed by fire is something many homeowners find unimaginable. But fires damage...

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Post-flood safety tips

Natural disasters can strike at any time, and no disaster is more likely to strike than a flood. According to the World Health...

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