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Resolutions 2021

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How to find more time to read

Avid readers know that a good book can be a great escape. In addition to being a go-to hobby on rainy days and a great way to get away from...

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Returning to school as an adult

Education opens many doors. Sometimes life throws a person a curveball and education gets put on the back burner. Even if school plans have...

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How to track your progress en route to getting healthy

Each January, many people resolve to improve their overall health in the year ahead. Such resolutions can serve as motivating factors that...

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6 popular health-based resolutions

Resolutions that focus on health and fitness are made each year. Numerous people are eager to lose weight, improve their physical fitness...

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How to keep your career change alive during a recession

Though people might not have known it when the world renowned ball began to descend on New York City's Times Square shortly before midnight...

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Strategies to advance your career

Career goals take center stage at the dawn of a new year. Thanks in part to New Year's resolutions, many professionals use January as a...

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