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Paws & Claws

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A simple way to fight fleas

Dog owners know that fleas can fluster their furry friends. Fleas are tiny parasites that feed off of the blood of their hosts, and the...

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How pet owners can prepare for disasters in advance

The need to prepare for natural disasters is never more apparent than right after an especially harsh storm touches down. But disaster...

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Prevent pet-related damage to the house

The benefits of having a pet are innumerable. Pets can be companions, protectors, service animals, and even help produce products that can...

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Interesting facts about nocturnal pets

While many animals like to soak up the sun and go about their business in daylight, there are plenty of others who seem to come alive after...

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The basics of feeding cats

Cats create a whole new dynamic when they're brought into a home. First-time cat owners may have a host of questions about their new furry...

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Symptoms of illness in four common pets

If pets could speak, caring for them would be that much easier. But pet owners must rely on physical cues to determine if their beloved...

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