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What to expect after cancer treatment ends

Once the initial shock of a breast cancer diagnosis wears off, many patients are ready to get down to business and begin treatment. Based...

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Tips when choosing a cancer doctor

Well wishes may come in waves when people begin to let loved ones know they have been diagnosed with cancer. Such wishes may express...

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COVID-19 and breast cancer guidelines

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 first appeared in late 2019 and has changed life for the forseeable future. While many people are quick to...

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Headcovering options for cancer patients

A cancer diagnosis can be difficult to process. However, advancements in cancer research over the last several decades have helped more...

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Pregnancy and breast cancer

Breast cancer affects millions of women across the globe every year. While some women may be at greater risk of breast cancer than others,...

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Menstrual history and breast cancer risk

Various factors can affect a woman's risk for breast cancer. Some of these factors, including whether or not a woman is physically active,...

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