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Summer Vacation and Living

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Make the most of your staycation with these activities

Staycations have grown in popularity in recent years. A 2018 poll from YouGov Omnibus found that 53 percent of the more than 100,000...

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Kid-friendly staycation ideas

Adults may see staycations as great opportunities to catch up on summer reading and finish projects around the house. Children, however,...

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Why the water matters to novice kayakers

Kayaking is a fun way to spend an afternoon, particularly in summertime. If smiles on the faces of kayakers aren't enough to convince you...

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The threat of boating-related CO poisoning

Boating is a popular summer pastime. Few activities can be as relaxing and awe-inspiring as a day spent on the water. Safety is an...

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Maximize time spent in the pool

One of the advantages of having a pool right in the backyard is the convenience of being able to take a dip anytime you so desire. Spending...

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A cold concoction perfect for summer nights

Summer is synonymous with many things. Vacations, warm weather and al fresco dining are part and parcel of many people's summertime...

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