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Play It Safe

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Avoid furniture tip-over hazards at home

A home is supposed to be a safe haven for its residents. But dangers lurk in nearly every room of a home. Parents may be quick to safeguard...

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9 ways to prevent drowning all year long

Spending time in and around water is a favorite pastime for adults and children. Swimming, boating, running through sprinklers, and soaking...

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Common play equipment injuries (and how to avoid them)

Park playground equipment and swing set apparatuses in backyard jungle gyms are exciting places for children to be active outdoors. Play...

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Enjoy safe bike rides

Riding a bicycle is not only a great way to help the planet by reducing vehicle emissions, but it's also an ideal physical activity....

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Personal safety tips to live by

The fight or flight mechanism is an important tool in safeguarding well-being, but there is much more a person can do than relying strictly...

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How to avoid spreading illnesses at home

Family companionship invaluable. Spending time together with loved ones is an important component of daily life. However, when an illness...

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