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Cancer Awareness & Prevention

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Choosing a cancer center and doctor

Life changes the moment a person is diagnosed with cancer. Many questions arise upon receiving such a diagnosis, and many of those...

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CAM as part of cancer treatment

Cancer treatment often involves a unique combination of drugs, radiation and other medical therapies designed to not only rid the body of...

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How the foods you eat might help you fight cancer

Many people are familiar with certain ways to reduce their risk for cancer. Avoiding tobacco, which the National Cancer Institute notes is...

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Explaining clinical trials

Over the last several decades, survival rates for many types of cancers have improved dramatically. Much of that improvement can be traced...

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A blood test may detect cancer?

Cancer diagnoses are often made only after patients self-report symptoms to their general practitioners. But what if there was a way to...

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Surprising facts about cancer

Cancer affects the lives of millions of people every day. Cancer can affect every aspect of patients' lives as well as the lives of their...

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