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Parents, Kids & Community

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What parents can do to reduce SIDS risk

Parents of newborns and infants face many challenges throughout a typical day. At the end of a long day tending to their youngsters' every...

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Parents can exercise caution with youth-based social apps

Internet access is no longer limited to desktop or laptop computers. World Advertising Research Center, using data from mobile trade body...

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How parents can help address bullying

Bullying is a global issue that affects children every day. A 2018 study from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics found that nearly...

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Addressing the childhood obesity epidemic

Obesity is a health epidemic that does not discriminate based on age, gender or ethnicity. While obesity poses a serious health risk for...

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4 community-building activities

The adage "Rome wasn't built in a day" dates back to the 12th century. Though the saying is now nearly a millenium old, its message, namely...

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Simple ways individuals can help make their communities safer

Thriving communities tend to share certain characteristics. Communities that are inclusive and encourage participation by all residents...

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