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Living 50 Plus

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8 tips for senior travelers

Few demographics have the free time and the financial capacity to travel as much as retirees. Now that children have flown the coop and...

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Senior perks and discounts

Growing older may come with some added laugh lines or a few extra aches and pains, but many will attest to the benefits and wisdom earned...

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Things to know before drafting a living will

During the prime of their lives, people typically don't give much thought to scenarios in which they become ill or are facing the end of...

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Shopping for assisted living facilities

As people age, oftentimes their living arrangements need to be adjusted. Needs evolve as children move out or other situations arise. One...

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How to help loved ones handle sundowning

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease can catch families off guard. When such a diagnosis is made, patients and their families typically have...

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Annual colorectal cancer screenings are recommended for men and women over 50

As the human body ages, screening for various conditions and diseases may need to occur more frequently. Routine doctor visits may not be a...

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