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Affordable features to consider when revamping your kitchen

Kitchens are popular gathering spots in many homes. That popularity is reflected in various ways, including how many homeowners choose to...

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Improve storage at home

Homes are getting bigger, but it seems like people are still lamenting a lack of storage space. National Public Radio says the average...

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Address insects before entertaining season

Barbecues in the backyard or cocktails on the patio provide some fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of home. While...

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Tips when planting shade trees

Beautiful landscaping can add instant curb appeal to a property. But beauty isn't the only thing that makes idyllic landscaping attractive...

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Safety a vital component of DIY projects

Many homeowners enjoy DIY projects around the house. Weekend warriors should recognize that having the right tools and using them in a...

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DIY projects that can conserve energy around the house

Home renovation projects can pay numerous dividends. Renovations can have a positive effect on resale value, make homes more livable for...

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