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Emergency Preparedness & Response

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Common home emergencies, and how to prevent them

Dorothy Gale said "there's no place like home" in "The Wizard of Oz." But what about when homes are no longer safe? Household emergencies...

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Recognize flood-related hazards

Few weather events are as impactful and widespread as flooding. Floods can happen anywhere, and because of their ferocity, they are not a...

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Buddy up for safety

The buddy system is a popular and effective safety measure. The "buddy system" involves teaming up with a partner to prevent the safety...

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Stock the car for roadside emergencies

Disasters can happen in a flash, and having a plan in place for common emergency situations can make it easier to handle adverse...

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How businesses can prepare for natural disasters

Disaster preparedness strategies can help communities overcome floods, fires, hurricanes, and storms. Many of these strategies focus on...

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Alert others in emergencies

Emergencies occur every day. Data from the 2016 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey found around 145 million emergency...

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