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Pet Friendly

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Choose safe and durable chew toys

Most dogs explore and learn about their world with their noses and mouths. Chewing is a normal part of canine development, and the ASPCA...

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How to choose the right dog collar

New pet parents quickly learn just how many supplies they need to raise happy, healthy animals. Collars and leashes are two essential items...

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This common virus can affect young pups

Juvenile dogs, much like their similarly aged human companions, have immature immune systems that develop over time as they gain more...

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How to transition pet food

The food a companion animal is eating today may not be the food he or she consumes in the near future. Pet owners alter their pets' diets...

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What to expect when adopting a shelter dog

Millions of dogs reside in shelters or in foster homes just waiting for someone to make them permanent members of their family. The ASPCA...

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Traveling with pets is more popular than ever

Today's pets are increasingly on the go. Individuals and families planning to travel are increasingly choosing to take their pets along...

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