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Giving Back

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Easy ways to volunteer and give back to your community

Millions of people across the globe volunteer every day. Without the selfless efforts of volunteers, many charities would be forced to...

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How to give back to seniors in your community

The strongest communities tend to be those in which members make a concerted effort to give as much as they get. Giving back to one's...

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Tips for choosing a charity

When choosing to donate to or volunteer with a charity, adults know that their choice of charity is an important decision. Many charities...

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Common signs of giving scams

Many people are excited by the prospects of supporting causes they care about. Charitable donations are how millions of people across the...

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Combine food and fun to raise funds for charity

Few things are as effective at bringing people together as food. A good meal shared with others is an invitation many people simply can't...

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What to give in the wake of natural disasters

No region of the world is immune to natural disasters. According to the World Health Organization, natural disasters, which include...

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