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Holiday Gifts & Lifestyle

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How to simplify holiday hosting on the day of the party

Come the holiday season, many people look forward to gatherings with family and friends. Such gatherings are often held in private homes,...

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Tips for baking better Christmas cookies

Cookies and other baked treats are everywhere come the holiday season. It's not uncommon to give cookies as gifts or arrive at holiday...

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Tips for successful office Secret Santa exchanges

The holiday season provides plenty of opportunities to socialize. Holiday celebrations are sometimes akin to family reunions, but friends...

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Eco-friendly gift options

The saying "the more the merrier" certainly applies during the holiday season. But during a season of big gifts, extra food and travel,...

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Decorate with a nose toward inviting holiday aromas

Holiday decor is as much about the sights and sounds as it is about the scents of the season. Few things evoke the holiday spirit as much...

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Prepare the fireplace for holiday decorating

A jolly holiday season can be made even more merry with a roaring fire. Homeowners often build holiday tableaus around the fireplace to...

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