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Cancer Awareness and Prevention

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The relationship between exercise and cancer

Exercise benefits the body in myriad ways. Studies have shown that routine exercise can help people effectively maintain healthy weights,...

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Why it’s important to discuss cancer screenings with your doctor

Cancer affects people from all walks of life. The American Cancer Society says that, in 2019, there will be approximately 141,000 cancer...

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Managing the costs of fighting cancer

Cancer takes a toll on people's bodies and minds and even the people around them. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, people understandably...

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The basics of bone marrow donation

The decision to become a bone marrow donor is a selfless and heroic act. According to Be the Match®, a global leader in marrow...

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The facts about thyroid cancer

The American Society of Clinical Oncology estimates that more than 50,000 American adults will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year....

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Understanding sarcoma

Cancer can affect various areas of the body. For those newly diagnosed with cancer, they may be unsure of what comes next, especially if...

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