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Fall/Winter Sports Guide

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Boost speed and endurace for cross country

Cross country is a popular sport. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations' annual High School Athletics...

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Why kids should start playing sports today

Children can benefit in various ways by participating in sports. These benefits, both physical and mental, can help kids in all aspects of...

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Avoid head injuries during sports play

Participation in scholastic sports can be great for students, making a positive impact on their school careers both on the field and in the...

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Tips for finding the right athletic footwear for kids

When buying athletic footwear for themselves, many men and women know precisely what to look for in terms of style and fit. But parents...

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How scholastic sports are going digital

The impact technology has had in the 21st century can be felt just about anywhere, and scholastic playing fields are no exception. Many...

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How parents can build strong relationships with their children’s coaches

Each year, millions of student-athletes across the globe participate in organized sports. Parents want these experiences to be as positive...

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