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Dining, Entertaining & Celebrations

Host a specialty spa party at home

The rising cost of consumer products or services has left many budget-conscious people at a loss as how to enjoy themselves, especially...

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How parents can dine out without drama

Some parents cringe at the mere mention of dining out with their children, envisioning 90 minutes of crying, taunting and tantrums. While...

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Recipe gives a tantalizing taste to Grilled Vegetable Napoleons

Hot, lazy summer days are too precious to waste in the kitchen. Enhance your outdoor leisure time with a visit to a local farmer's stand or...

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Experimenting part of the fun of entertaining

Entertaining friends and family with a homecooked meal is something many amateur chefs cherish. Gathering friends and family for a hearty...

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Food safety is important when entertaining

Entertaining at home is one of the ways friends and families spend time together, and food is often at the center of such gatherings,...

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Create professional looking desserts

Dessert makes the perfect finishing touch to a special event. Hosts and hostesses frequently fret over which foods to serve at their...

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