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Healthy Lifestyle

Practice safety and common sense when hiking

A warm breeze, the sound of a bubbling brook and the fresh smell of pine in the air are just some of the draws of hiking. There's nothing...

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Simple ways to protect your bones

As men and women age, many take steps to improve their overall health. These steps can be as simple as cutting back on dinner portions or...

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Get to the root of tinnitus

Ringing, high-pitched noises and other ambient sounds that seem to be emanating from deep within the ear are often signs of tinnitus, which...

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Understanding gout

Though many people might have heard of gout, few might actually know gout is a type of arthritis. Although less prevalent than other types...

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Water essential to human health

Many adults have had the virtues of drinking enough water extolled on them since childhood. Though recommendations as to how much water a...

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How to make healthy school lunches for kids

Confrontations focusing on diet between children and parents have been around seemingly since the beginning of time. Many children start...

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