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Women Today


How meditation can help combat work-life imbalance

Juggling a family and a thriving career is no small task. It's easy to become overwhelmed when faced with responsibilities at home and at...

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Moms need timeouts, too

While time-outs may be torturous for young children eager to get up and go, alone time may sound like paradise to busy mothers. It can be...

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Coping with double-burden syndrome

Double-burden syndrome is a daily concern for many women and may have been exacerbated due to work-from-home directives and...

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Did you know?

Women spend considerably more time each day than men engaging in various household activities. According to the 2019 "American Time Use...

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Chores adolescents can tackle to help busy moms

Working mothers are as busy as ever. A recent survey from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that women spend an average of...

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