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Parents, Kids & Community


Healthy activities for kids of all ages

Children have a seemingly endless supply of energy. Channeling that energy into something positive can benefit kids' minds and bodies. The...

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Social media challenges can be fun, but caution is necessary

Social media is ubiquitous, with new platforms cropping up each year. Social media can be an outlet for communication and is designed to...

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Age-appropriate chores for kids

Few people look forward to chores around the house. Though adults may not be excited by the prospect of mopping the kitchen floor or...

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How to foster social skills in an era of social distancing

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretched on, children who have been called on to do their part still may not fully understand why they have had...

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How to manage kids’ screen time

Devices are everywhere in the digital age. The Statista Research Department notes that a 2020 survey found the average American has access...

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