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Sangria is a versatile beverage

Everyone should have a go-to sangria recipe in his or her cocktail repertoire. Sangria, when done right, can be a highly refreshing punch...

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Find your brew: Explore different beer styles

Beer has been produced by humans for longer than many people may know. Barley beer researchers have to traced beer production to...

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Simple pairing pointers for wine novices

Pairing a delicious meal with the perfect wine can be a match made in heaven. Wine novices may be intimidated by the challenge of making...

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Stock the bar with these cocktail ingredients and classic drink recipes

Who isn't playing home mixologist these days? Many people are heading to the liquor store to make sure they have all the essentials on hand...

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Characteristics of 4 popular wine varietals (447 words, US, UK, CAN)

Small businesses suffered considerable losses when stay-at-home measures were implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The food and...

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