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Health & Wellness

Breast cancer vaccines in development

Breast cancer affects both men and women and the family and friends who support them as they navigate diagnosis and subsequent treatments....

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Keratosis pilaris common for women

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it can be affected by many different conditions — some benign and some serious. Because...

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Identifying factors of perimenopause

The female body is a medical marvel. Not only does it have the capacity to operate and sustain its own life, but a woman's body also can...

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Guidelines for selecting a gynecologist

Various health services providers will assist women on the path to being healthy. Females who have reached reproductive age can benefit...

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The best ways for women to banish belly fat

A svelte waistline is something many women aspire to, but it's something that can be especially beneficial for aging women. The Mayo Clinic...

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