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Hair color tips and tricks

Hair coloring serves various purposes. Some women use differently hued tresses to make dramatic statements, while others want to conceal...

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Makeup tips for enhancing beauty

Millions of women turn to cosmetics to help them put their best faces forward. The online people skills resource the Science of People...

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Find relief with proper foot care

Many people lament having tired, achy feet. That's especially so among women who routinely squeeze into uncomfortable shoes in the name of...

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Bad habits that may be affecting appearance

Who doesn't want to look and feel her best? Many women go to great lengths in the name of beauty. But not every beauty tip or practice is...

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The latest trends in women’s eyebrows

Trends involving eyebrow shaping and shading are ever-changing. Sometimes it's de rigueur to have thin eyebrows, while other times trends...

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