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Emergency Preparedness & Response

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Around the House

Common home emergencies, and how to prevent them

Dorothy Gale said "there's no place like home" in "The Wizard of Oz." But what about when homes are no longer safe? Household emergencies...

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Recognize flood-related hazards

Few weather events are as impactful and widespread as flooding. Floods can happen anywhere, and because of their ferocity, they are not a...

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Who to call when disaster strikes

Natural disasters can strike at any time. People in the path of such disasters can have their lives turned upside down in a matter of...

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In case of emergency, find the safest room

In the event of an emergency, particularly weather-related disasters with high winds like hurricanes, safety officials urge homeowners to...

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What is a standby generator?

No one wants to imagine losing power in their homes. But homeowners and renters face such situations every day. For those who aren't...

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