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Wedding flowers becoming larger than life

Move over bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers are taking over weddings in a big way. While wedding trends come and go, flowers will always...

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The evolution of wedding favors

Wedding favors have changed — and in many cases for the better. Favors have evolved from the inexpensive trinkets purchased in bulk into...

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More couples are embracing edgy, adventurous weddings

Brides and grooms once felt compelled to conform to the trappings of traditional weddings. From uber-romantic vows to pastel colors to the...

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Wedding planning tips and tricks

Recently engaged couples are often so swept up in the excitement surrounding their engagements that they can be forgiven for initially...

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Getting here to there on your wedding day

You've planned the date, met with the officiant, decided on what to wear, and booked the venue. But how are you going to arrive in...

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Plan to treat guests in extra-special ways

Weddings may focus on the couples getting hitched, but weddings also are special thanks to the many family and friends couples involve in...

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