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Financial Planning

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Daily Budget

Tips when choosing your 401(k) investments

Saving for retirement is an essential component of financial planning. Adults can save for retirement in various ways, and one of the...

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What affects credit score?

Credit is defined as a customer obtaining services or products before payment with the trust that payment will be made in the future....

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How financial planners can help you every day

Financial planning and retirement go hand in hand. Without effective planning, many people would never be able to retire, while others...

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How finances change when starting a family

Financial changes are a fact of life. Changes occur at every turn, including when students leave home for the first time, people get...

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How credit scores can affect your finances for years to come

Monthly budgets help people make the most of their money. While a person's income will affect how much they can spend on housing, food and...

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How to get out of debt ... and stay that way

Debt can quickly sneak up on a person. However, it can take much longer — sometimes decades — to get out of debt. And that's a big...

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Home repairs that can sink budgets fast

A home is the most substantial investment many people will ever make. Once down payments have been made and closing costs have been paid,...

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Avoid financial peril after a job loss

Losing a job can be devastating. Even in a strong market, companies can go out of business or reduce payroll. Being let go can initially...

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