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Holiday Gifts & Lifestyle

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Tips for successful office Secret Santa exchanges

The holiday season provides plenty of opportunities to socialize. Holiday celebrations are sometimes akin to family reunions, but friends...

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Eco-friendly gift options

The saying "the more the merrier" certainly applies during the holiday season. But during a season of big gifts, extra food and travel,...

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How to approach gift exchanges at the office

Gift giving is a big part of the holiday season. While people typically exchange gifts with relatives and close friends, it's not uncommon...

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Give the gift of good manners

The holidays are a time for giving and gathering with loved ones. Because the holiday season is such a social time of year, it can be wise...

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Did you know?

The holiday season is rife with tradition. Some holiday traditions, such as holiday lighting displays, are impossible to miss, while others...

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Wrapping gifts is a very old tradition

The holiday season is rife with tradition. One of the most recognizable traditions involves wrapping gifts. While the wrapping paper many...

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