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Holiday Gifts & Lifestyle

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Decorate with a nose toward inviting holiday aromas

Holiday decor is as much about the sights and sounds as it is about the scents of the season. Few things evoke the holiday spirit as much...

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Prepare the fireplace for holiday decorating

A jolly holiday season can be made even more merry with a roaring fire. Homeowners often build holiday tableaus around the fireplace to...

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How to make holiday wreaths the easy way

There are many different ways to decorate homes and businesses for the holidays. Tall evergreen trees are among the most visible symbols of...

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Christmas tree tips and tricks

Christmas trees are an iconic symbol of the holiday season. Whether they are personal trees nestled in the corner of a living room for...

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Learn the meaning behind the menorah

The menorah is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Chanukah. Displayed in homes, and often in windows, each year, the menorah is a...

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Keep safety in mind when decorating for the holidays

Decorations help make the holiday season a magical time of year. Stores are awash in color and twinkling lights, and similar imagery is on...

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Christmas tree recycling

When choosing a real Christmas tree for holiday celebrations, consumers should think about the many ways that trees can be repurposed after...

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