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Put your best home facial face forward

Facials can bring about the best in your skin and help treat various conditions.

Few things beat the pampering of a professional facial spa treatment — a luxury that many men and women afford themselves when possible. However, lately people have had to look elsewhere for popular beauty services.

Data from the Simmons National Consumer Survey for the cosmetic and personal care industry revealed roughly three million Americans received facials four times or more in 2019. Many aestheticians recommend facials every month. Canadian Living reports that facial treatments across the country can range from $40 to more than $200.

Though they're wildly popular, facials have fallen victim to social distancing guidelines that shuttered many salons. While not a carbon copy of the in-depth treatments offered at spas, at-home facials can bridge the gap until spas reopen.

Understand the facial process

Professional facials typically feature a series of steps. These include cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, specialized spot treatment, toning, and moisturizing. Aestheticians use products they endorse or those required by the spa. But you can use any products on hand to achieve similar results, which means you can shop around for the price point that works for you.

Know your skin

Understanding your skin is the key to targeting and addressing issues. Just because a particular moisturizer worked on your sister who has dry skin doesn't mean it would work the same way on your skin. Consider allergies as well. If you tend to break out when sipping orange juice, a citrus-based toner may not be your best bet.

Gather your tools

You likely have all you need at home to give yourself a good facial. A steamy shower or a pot of boiling water satisfies the steam requirement. A nubby, cotton washcloth can help with the cleansing and exfoliation of skin. Chances are you already have a toner, cleanser and moisturizer in your bathroom cabinet that can be utilized.

If you want to invest in any specialized tools, aestheticians like Kerry Benjamin from the Los Angeles-based StackedSkincare recommend micro-needling, which is achieved with a dermaroller. This device causes tiny injuries to the skin to increase collagen production and help thicken the skin. A dermaroller can help with issues like dark circles under the eyes and fill in lines.

Spot-test all products and be gentle when handling skin. In addition, remember to follow up any facial treatment with good skincare at other times, which includes wearing sunscreen at all times to protect against UV rays.

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