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Learn about reception lighting rentals

Couples experiment with various trends to make their wedding receptions unique. One of the more popular trends in recent years involves utilizing lighting in innovative ways.

Modern couples are using lighting to add drama and other special effects to their weddings in various ways. While lighting may have not been on many couples' radars in the past, it is now being used to create a wow factor.

Couples interested in adding extra lighting to their weddings can utilize these tips to make their receptions a sight to behold.

• Illuminated letters/words: Illuminated letters can be used as a trendy monogram in lieu of ice sculptures or framed initials. Illuminated words that describe how you feel as a couple or words that describe you both are fun, too.

• Uplighting: Uplighting is a popular lighting trend and a great way to transform a venue, according to the wedding resource Rent My Wedding. Uplights are essentially small lights that are put on the floor around the perimeter of the space or underneath key design elements. The lights will shine up and create immediate drama.

• Gobo projector: Many people have probably never heard of a gobo. Also known as monogram lighting, gobo, which stands for "goes before optics," is a growing, special effects-heavy trend. A gobo projector projects an image on a wall or dance floor. It can be used to showcase a monogram, names or wedding date.

• String lights: Christmas-inspired lights are not exclusive to the holiday season. When strung around tree boughs, ceiling rafters or other architectural elements of a reception hall, these lights can be breathtaking. It Girl Weddings suggests hanging them against an exposed brick wall to light up the space and add drama. Bistro lights are similar to string lights and can be used as well.

• Hanging candles: The warming glow from candles can be used to transform spaces instantly and create great photo opportunities. Candles can be hung as makeshift chandeliers over banquet tables or used as sconces on walls for antique appeal.

Lighting can transform a wedding reception venue and has become a focal point for many couples.

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