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Pet Friendly

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Did you know?

Dog strollers have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly as pets are allowed in locations that might have been off limits in years past. It's common to see pet owners scooting their prized pooches around in strollers once used exclusively for small children. Dog owners who have never owned a dog stroller before may wonder just how useful they can be. Some people have replaced traditional dog carriers with strollers, which tend to be more ergonomic and comfortable to use than carriers. Strollers can be a convenient means for taking dogs (typically smaller pups) to busy public locations or even to work. Strollers also can keep dogs out of the elements when the weather can be difficult for them to handle. Older dogs with mobility issues can benefit from strollers because they still enable the dogs to get fresh air without tiring them out. Also, people who own multiple dogs may find strollers make it easy to take multiple pooches out and about. Strollers also let small dogs rest while other dogs gets more exercise walking alongside the stroller. Dog strollers come in a range of sizes and can be purchased where most pet supplies are sold.

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