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4 factors to consider when choosing a business dinner venue

Hosting a business dinner for the first time is a great chance to make a strong impression on clients and colleagues. Planning such dinners can be intimidating, but hosts who give careful consideration to a handful of factors when planning the party may find hosting isn't so tall a task, after all.

1. Space

Venues with tight quarters and intimate settings may be perfect for date nights. However, business dinners may work better in restaurants with ample room for everyone to spread out. This is especially important when hosting new or prospective clients who hosts have never before met in person. Clients might be tall and may not appreciate being crammed into small quarters, regardless of how good the food is. Visit each venue before making any reservations to ensure there's ample space for everyone. Business dinners can sometimes be lengthy, and a little extra legroom can make everyone more comfortable as the dinner progresses.

2. Location

The location of the venue is another factor that bears ample consideration. The venue should be located near accessible highways that make it easy for guests to arrive and get home. If hosting out-of-town clients, look for an establishment within a reasonable distance of the airport or the hotel where guests will be staying.

3. Menu

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are relatively common, so look for a venue with a menu that can accommodate people who may only eat certain foods. Restaurants that offer vegetarian foods and gluten-free menus are safe bets. In addition, speak with a restaurant representative before making a reservation, discussing how flexible the kitchen staff may be in regard to accommodating people with more unique dietary restrictions.

4. Reputation

Subpar service is not the fault of the person trusted with hosting the business dinner. However, a restaurant with a strong reputation for great service can help hosts create a strong first impression in the eyes of their colleagues or prospective clients. Peruse online reviews of restaurants before making a reservation, ultimately choosing a venue that has glowing reviews in terms of its reputation for service.

Hosting a business dinner is a big responsibility. But dinners tend to go smoothly when hosts exercise their due diligence in regard to planning.

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