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Holiday Gift Guide

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Various ways to let music lovers experience music

Music inspires devoted fans across the globe. Whether a music lover can't wait to rock out to a favorite bad, settle in for a classical concert or visit a favorite opera house, he or she no doubt enjoys some form of music every day.

Come the holiday season, shoppers with music lovers on their list can stoke their loved ones' passions for music by giving them a music experience they'll remember for a lifetime.

Concert tickets

Perhaps nothing appeals to music lovers more than seeing a favorite performer in person. Ask your loved one's parents, siblings or significant others which artist or artists they listen to the most and then look to see if they're on tour. Summer tends to be a popular season for outdoor concerts, while winter beckons many performers indoors for concerts in more intimate settings. If a loved one likes a particular style of music instead of a given performer, then tickets to a festival where many acts perform on various stages can make for the perfect gift.


Lessons make a great gift for music fans who love singing along or playing air guitar with their favorite acts. Local musicians and/or school music teachers often supplement their incomes by offering lessons on various instruments, from piano to guitar to drums to violin. Aspiring singers can benefit from working with a local voice coach.

A night out

A live music experience is not limited to arenas, ampitheaters or other large scale venues. Many local restaurants host live music nights featuring local musicians, while others may host open mic nights that can help aspiring musicians get their music out there while overcoming any nerves they may have about performing in front of a crowd. Of course, few music lovers can resist belting out their favorite performers' songs at a karaoke joint. Research local karaoke bars and invite some of your loved one's friends for a memorable night out on the town.

Old school gear

Many music devotees insist that the best way to experience recorded music is on vinyl. While music fans over 40 might know how to spin the black circle, younger fans might have no such familiarity. A turntable and some vinyl records can open young music lovers' eyes to a piece of musical history, which might just be music to their ears.

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