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Bridal Guide

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Did you know?

Food can make or break a wedding reception. Couples researching potential reception sites for their parties should be sure to schedule tastings and confirm how the foods will look upon being served. In addition to the taste of the food, couples may want to consider which menu items are offered — particularly those that align with the latest trends in wedding reception catering. Based on data compiled by The Knot, She Knows, Delish, and various food bloggers, the following food trends are worthy of notice.

• Food stations: Food stations encourage interaction between a chef/server and the guests. Food stations can include a ceviche bar, fondue cart, quesadilla maker, or custom sliders station.

• Colorful foods: Guests are often first tempted by the appearance of foods, and bold colors can set dishes apart.

• Brunch items: Recognizing that daytime weddings can be much less expensive than evening affairs, couples may want to have brunch-themed weddings, featuring omelets, pancakes, French toast, and other tasty breakfast foods.

• Fancier "ordinary" fare: Although chicken fingers and meatballs aren't normally given gourmet status, they can be dressed up and repackaged for weddings. Whole-grain breadings, Kobe beef meatballs and Asian dipping sauces give foods some flair.

• Family feel: Some weddings are now served "family style" where guests can share from larger passed plates. This serves to connect everyone at the table and encourages conversation, helping to establish a warm atmosphere.

• Food trucks: Trendy couples can treat guests to another special component toward the end of the reception. A takeout style food truck order can serve as a fourth or fifth course.

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